Monday, October 6, 2008

Bronze Medal by Razib in Commonwealth Chess!

GM Enamul Hossain Razib of Destiny achieved bronze medal in the Commonwealth Chess Championship. He earned 8½ points and became 3rd after scoring the final round victory over M S Thejkumar of India. Razib got one lakh Indian Rupees as prize money. British GM Nigel Short became champion with 9½ points. Nigel Short got Gold Medal and one lakh eighty thousand Indian Rupees. GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly of India became runner-up with 9 points. Ganguly got Silver Medal and one lakh twenty five thousand Indian Rupees. GM Ziaur Rahman of Biman became 14th with 8 points. GM Niaz Murshed of Leonine became 46th with 7 points. FM Syed Mahfuzur Rahman Emon of Chittagong Mohammadan became 80th with 6½ points, Debaraj Chatterjee of Destiny became 81st with 6½ points, FM Taibur Rahman of Destiny became 86th with 6 points, Mohammad Javed of Destiny 105th, FM Mehdi Hasan Parag of Biman became 119th and & FM Minhazuddin Ahmed Sagar of Destiny became 126th with 5½ points each. In the last round games: Zia beat IM Ashwin Jayaram of India, Niaz lost against Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, Emon lost against B T Murali Krishnan of India, Debaraj beat Raghavi of India, Sagar drew with Darpan Inani of India, Taibur beat Rishi Thariani of India, Javed Lobo Rechird of England and Parag beat Niji of India.

Final place (top 20): 1. GM Nigel Short (Eng,Gold) 9.5/11, 2. GM S.S. Ganguly (Ind,Silver) 9, 3. GM Enamul Hossain (Ban,Bronze) 8.5, 4-15. IM Arun Prasad (Ind), IM M.R. Venkatesh (Ind), IM Gogineni Rohith (Ind), FM Vidit Gujrathi (Ind), GM Parimarjan Negi (Ind), IM R.R. Laxman (Ind), IM Deep Sengupta (Ind), GM Deepan Chakkravarthy (Ind), IM P.D.S. Girinath (Ind), GM P. Magesh Chandran (Ind), GM Ziaur Rahman (Ban), GM Neelotpal Das (Ind) 8 each, 16-27. B.T. Muralikrishnan (Ind), FM K. Priyadarshan (Ind), GM Abhijit Kunte (Ind), GM Dibyendu Barua (Ind), IM Ashwin Jayaram (Ind), GM Abhijeet Gupta (Ind), IM Saptarshi Roy (Ind), IM D.P.Singh (Ind), M.S. Thejkumar (Ind), IM Lanka Ravi (Ind), Tejas Ravichandran (Ind), IM Himanshu Sharma (Ind) 7.5 each

Women: 1 WGM S. Meenakshi (Ind, gold), 2. WIM Kiran Mohanty (Ind, silver), 3. WGM Eesha Karavade (Ind, bronze) all 7/11 each

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