Monday, May 19, 2008

Mayors Cup 1st International Chess,Mumbai

GM Ziaur Rahman of Biman became 3rd in the Mayors Cup 1st International Open Chess Tournament.6 players including Zia, earned 9 points each after end of the 11th round games. Zia became 3rd with 70 tie-breaking points. GM Michel Krasenkow of Poland became champion with 72 tie-breaking points and Indian GM Koneru Hampy became runner-up with 70½ tie-breaking points. GM Abdullah Al Rakib of Biman became 7th. Rakib earned 8½ points. GM Reefat Bin Sattar of Biman earned 7½ and got 28th position. 11th or last round games were held yesterday (Monday). In the last round Zia beat Ram S Krishnan of India, Rakib beat IM Ponnuswamy Konguvel. Reefat lost against Somak Palit of India. 288 players from 8 countries including 13 grandmasters and 23 International Masters participated in the event.
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GM Ziaur Rahman of Biman is sharing 2nd position with 8 points along with other 7 players after end of the 10th round games in the Mayors Cup 1st International Open Chess Tournament which is now being in Mumbai, India. GM Abdullah Al Rakib and GM Reefat Bin Sattar of Biman earned 7½ points each and sharing 3rd position along with other 12 players. 10th round games were held yesterday (Sunday). In the 10th round Zia drew with Zia GM Anton Filipov of Uzbekistan. Rakib lost against GM Krasenkow of Poland and Reefat lost against Uldachev Saidali of Uzbekistan. Zia played with white pieces in the Classical Main Line of Queen’s Gambit Accepted and drew with Filipov at 34th moves. Rakib played with black pieces in the Queen’s Gambit Declined game and lost at 31st moves. Reefat played with black pieces in the Advance variation of French Defense and lost at 31st moves. GM Michal Krasenkow of Poland is now leading the points table with 9 points after 10 round games. 11th last round games will start today (Monday) from 10:00 AM. In the 11th round Zia will play against Ram S Krishnan of India, Rakib will play against IM Konguvel Ponnuswamy of India and Reefat will play against Somak Palit of India.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New GM:Enamul Hossain Razib!!

Enamul Hossain Razib has achieved his 3rd GM norm from the Final Phase of the 34th National Chess Cahmpionship-2008. He beat GM Reefat Bin Sattar in the last round to achieve the final norm. The final game continued in the Classical system of French defence and Razib,playing with white pieces, won at 41st move. Razib got his first GM norm from the 35th Chess Olyampiad in Bled, Slovenia and 2nd one from Masters Chess Tournament in Abu Dhabi ,U.A.E.Now he has to just wait for the formal approval of FIDE to officially get the title.

FM Abu Sufian Shakil of Biman and FM Minhazuddin Ahmed Sagar achieved 12 games IM norm from this event.

GM Ziaur Rahman became champion with 11 points.This is Zia's 10th crown. Razib became runner up.Another positions:
3rd: GM Abdullah Al Rakib
4th: FM Abu Sufian Shakil
5th: FM Minhazuddin Ahmed Sagar
6th: GM Reefat Bin Sattar
7th:FM Sk. Nasir Ahmed
8th: FM Syed Mahfuzur Rahman Emon
9th: FM Mohammed Abdul Malek
10th: FM Mohammad Javed of Destiny
11th: Debaraj Chatterjee
12th: Monir Hossain
13th: Sohel Chowdhury

Roll of Honor:
1. 1974- Miah Abdus Salek,2. 1975- Dr. Mirza Akmal Hossain,3. 1976- Dr. Mirza Akmal Hossain, 1977- Not held,4. 1978- FIDE Master Rezaul Haque,5. 1979- Grandmaster Niaz Murshed,6. 1980- Grandmaster Niaz Murshed,7. 1981- Grandmaster Niaz Murshed,8. 1982- Grandmaster Niaz Murshed,9. 1983- FIDE Master Jamilur Rahman,10. 1984- FIDE Master Younus Hasan,11. 1985- Sayed Ahmed Sohel,12. 1986- International Master Zillur Rahman,13. 1987- International Master Zillur Rahman,14. 1988- Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman,15. 1989- FIDE Master Rezaul Haque,16. 1990- FIDE Master Syed Tahmidur Rahman,17. 1991- International Master Reefat Bin Sattar,18. 1992- International Master Reefat Bin Sattar,19. 1993- International Master Reefat Bin Sattar,20. 1994- Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman,21. 1995- International Master Reefat Bin Sattar,22. 1996- Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman,23. 1997- International Master Enamul Hossain,24. 1998- Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman,25. 1999- Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman,26. 2000- International Master Reefat Bin Sattar,27. 2001- Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman,28. 2002- Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman,29. 2003- International Master Reefat Bin Sattar,30. 2004- Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman,31. 2005- Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman,32. 2006-International Master Enamul Hossain,33. 2007- Grandmaster Abdullah Al Rakib and 2008-GM Ziaur Rahman.