Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kazi Mahbub Hossain Memorial Active Chess Tournament

Organised By: Dhaka University Chess Club under the Supervision of Association of Chess Players Bangladesh (ACPB)

Date: From 19-11-2009 to 25-11-2009

Venue: Science Cafeteria, Karjon Hall Campus, Dhaka University

Total Prize: 30,000.00 Taka (Highest ever in any Active Chess Tournament in Bangladesh)

Open Category

1st Prize : 5,000.00 Taka
2nd Prize : 3,000.00 Taka
3rd Prize : 2,000.00 Taka
4th Prize : 1,500.00 Taka
5th Prize : 1,500.00 Taka
6th Prize : 1,000.00 Taka
7th Prize : 1,000.00 Taka
8th Prize : 1,000.00 Taka
9th Prize : 500.00 Taka
10th Prize: 500.00 Taka
Best Under 16: 1000.00

Rating up to 2199

1st Prize : 2,500.00 Taka
2nd Prize : 1,500.00 Taka
3rd Prize : 1,000.00 Taka
4th Prize : 1,000.00 Taka
5th Prize : 500.00 Taka
Best Women: 1000.00

Rating up to 1999

1st Prize : 2,000.00 Taka
2nd Prize : 1,000.00 Taka
3rd Prize : 500.00 Taka
4th Prize : 500.00 Taka
5th Prize : 500.00 Taka

One player can get only one prize.

Entry Fee: 100.00 Taka for All, 50.00 Taka for School Student and Girl

All players are requested to bring their Chess Clocks (Will get free entry)

Tournament Committee:

GM Abdulla Al Rakib Chairman
FM Abu Sufian Shakil Member
Din Mohammad Shawapan Member
Farhadur rahman Shabab Member
Mohammad Javed Member
Shafkat Member

Contract for Entry: Dhaka University Chess Club, TSC. Dhaka
Sarowar: 01915910602, Hannan-01917407506, Chapal: 01911111755

Must register your entry on or before 18th November 2009.

Entries are limited due to shortage of Chess Clocks


Bradly Jones said...

Thanks for the post. I'm on my way to Dhaka and will be needing all the information i can get.
nice rewards

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Bradly Jones said...

Every time I see such a post I feel like going there once again even though Bangladesh is only a bus ride away I haven’t been there in ages. Unique people, great cricket and a wonderful culture, although the economy has a lot to improve. Nice blog. Must have been much fun i guess. Never understood it but my brother plays like a pro (or so they say)

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