Monday, March 10, 2008

Rani Hamid Champion

Reigning women champion IWM Rani Hamid became champion in the Final Phase of the 29th Aromatic Gold National Women Chess Championship-2008, sponsoredby Marico Bangladesh Limited, organised by Bangladesh Chess Federation. Rani Hamid earned 10 points out of 11 games to clinch the national woman title for the year 2008. This is Rani Hamid's 17th Crown of women national championship. WFM Shamima Akter Liza became runner-up. Liza earned9½ points. Nazrana Khan Eva of Manikgonj became 3rd with 8 points. WFM Syeda ShabanaParveen Nipa became 4th with 7 points. WFM Tanima Parveen and WFM Zakia Sulatna
played play off game where Tanima beat Zakia to be in the women team for this year's Dresden Chess Olympiad. Sharmin Sultana Shirin of Narayangonj became 7th with 5½ points,
Masuda Begum of Barisal became 8th and Shamiha Sharmin Shimmi became 9th after their play off match. Arif Khatun Moni became 10th 2½ points, RokshanaTitli became 11th with 2 points and Jahanara Haque Runu became 12th with ½points.
Roll of Honor: 1979-IWM Rani Hamid, 1980-IWM Rani Hamid,1981-IWMRani Hamid,1982-IWM Rani Hamid, 1983-IWM Rani Hamid,1984-IWM Rani Hamid,1985-Yesmin Begum, 1986- Yesmin Begum,1987- Not held,1988- IWM RaniHamid,1989-WFM Syeda Shabana Parveen,1990-IWM Rani Hamid,1991-WFM TanimaParveen, 1992-IWM Rani Hamid,1993-WFM Zakia Sultana,1994-WFM TanimaParveen,1995-WFM Syeda Shabana Parveen,1996-IWM Rani Hamid, 1997-WFM SyedaShabana Parveen,1998-IWM Rani Hamid, 1999-IWM Rani Hamid,2000- Nazrana KhanEva,2001-IWM Rani Hamid,2002-WFM Syeda Shabana Parveen,2003- WFM SyedaShabana Parveen,2004-IWM Rani Hamid,2005-WFM Shamima Akter Liza,2006-IWM Rani Hamid,2007-IWM Rani Hamid and 2008-IWM Rani Hamid.

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