Monday, August 6, 2007

Interested in Sponsoring a Chess Event?

Proposal for Sponsorship in Chess
Prepared By: FIDE Master Taibur Rahman Sumon on behalf of Association of Chess Players Bangladesh (ACPB)

Chess is one of the main sports of Bangladesh, which has earned lots of international recognition and pride. Bangladesh has the record of producing first Grand Master (highest chess title) in this South Asia. Recently Bangladesh has obtained 35th Position among the 140 participating countries in the World Chess Olympiad and placed second in South Asia just behind the chess giant India. Basic statistics of Bangladesh chess is given below:

#Total Internationally Rated Player :325
#Grand Master :4
#International Master :2
#Woman International Master :1
#FIDE Master :10
#Woman FIDE Master number : 4

Corporate sponsorship in chess is rarely available in our country, which is the key for success of Indian chess. Though chess in Bangladesh gets huge attention from electronic and print media, sponsorship in chess is limited to very few organizations. United Insurance Company Limited, Prime Bank Ltd, Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd., Standard Chartered Bank, Beximco group, Maan Bangladesh, Bangladesh Biman, Destiny 2000 etc are/were the main sponsors in chess. Bangladesh Chess Federation organizes many chess events through out the year such as:

# National Chess Championship
# National Women Chess Championship
# National Junior (under 20) Chess Championship
# National Sub-Junior (under 16) Chess Championship
# First Division Chess League (16 Teams round Robin)
# Second Division Chess League-open team event
# International Grand Master Chess Tournament
# International Master Chess Tournament
# FIDE Rating Tournament
# School Tournament etc.

Chess Federation sometimes gets sponsorship for those tournaments (not regularly).

Area of Possible Sponsorship for your Organization:

1. Sponsoring a big International Grand Masters Chess Tournament (Approximate Budget is 20,00,000/-BDT with more than 4 foreign country participants)

2. Sponsoring a small International Grand Masters Chess Tournament (Approximate Budget is 15,00,000/-BDT)

3. Sponsoring a big International Masters Chess Tournament (Approximate Budget is 6,00,000/-BDT)

4. Sponsoring a big International FIDE rating Chess Tournament (Approximate Budget is 3,00,000/-BDT)

5. Sponsoring Top individual National Chess Players (Approximate Budget is 5,00,000/-BDT annually)

6. Sponsoring Top Junior Chess Talents (Approximate Budget is 2,00,000/-BDT annually)
Participating in the First Division Chess League (Approximate Budget is 10,00,000/-BDT annually to fight for the championship)

7. Participating in the First Division Chess League (Approximate Budget is 5,00,000/-BDT annually to fight for the place 3-4)

8. Sponsoring a big International School Chess Tournament (Approximate Budget is 5,00,000/-BDT)

9. Sponsoring a big National School Chess Tournament (Approximate Budget is 2,00,000/-BDT)

10. Sponsoring a Permanent Chess Training School (Approximate Budget is 4,00,000/-BDT Annually)

11. Sponsoring a Short term (2 months) Chess Training Camp for top players (Approximate Budget is 2,00,000/-BDT )

12. Sponsoring a Short term (2 months) Chess Training Camp for top Women players (Approximate Budget is 2,00,000/-BDT)

13. Sponsoring a Short term (2 months) Chess Training Camp for Junior players (Approximate Budget is 1,00,000/-BDT)

14. Sponsoring a Nation wide Chess talent Hunt Program followed by a Short term Chess Training Camp for selected players with a foreign tour for the selected talents (Approximate Budget is 20,00,000/-BDT)

15. Sponsoring a National Mobile Chess Tournament (Approximate Budget is 5,00,000/-BDT)- Games will be held through cell phone.

16. Sponsoring a Weekly TV Chess Training Program (Approximate Budget is 10,00,000/-BDT Annually)

17. Sponsoring a TV Chess game between a top player and the audience (Approximate Budget is 10,00,000/-BDT)

18. Sponsoring a Man Vs Machine Chess Event (Approximate Budget is 2,00,000/-BDT)
Sponsoring a Grand Prix Rapid Chess Event

19. Sponsoring a new chess event named Bangladesh Chess Challenge (Knock out championship format where players from whole country can participate)

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